April 18 2013
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Off to the races
More than a dozen Batam residents (and Smiling Hill and Goodies Restaurant customers) recently traveled to Singapore to attend night-time horse racing at the Singapore Turf Club. Hosts Saeful Mawar, of McLen Equipment, and his brother, Safii, have organized this event twice a year since 2011.
“I started with two guys and slowly but surely more and more friends and buddies and their partners have joined us for the Singapore night races,” Saeful told Happynings. “Everything is arranged by me and my brother, who own a couple of horses in Singapore.”
The latest outing was on April 5. Attending were: Saeful and his wife, Raudhah; Laurie Wine his wife, Ambar; Mark Eastaugh and his wife, Rina; Andrew Whalen and his wife, Yunita; Kim Dunn and his wife; David Ashworth; Mark Everett; Safii; and Sam.
The outing started with the group meeting at the Harbourfront ferry terminal in Singapore, where cars picked everyone up to check in at the Hyatt hotel. The races started around 6:20 p.m.
The group was able to watch the races in style, sharing Saeful’s corporate box high above the track, where they enjoyed a free buffet, beer, champagne and wine.
April 18, 2013
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It was a beautiful night for horse racing at the Singapore Turf Club for Batam residents, above Dave Ashworth, Kim Dunn, Saeful Mawar, and Andrew Whelan. Below, the ladies donned their very best society hats.
Saeful’s horse, I Like, ran in the fourth race of the evening but finished a disappointing 6th, although only 4½ lengths behind winner Golden Friends, a 45-1 long shot.
The best race of the day was the fourth, when all members of the Batam party won, thanks to a tip from the horse’s owner.
“We went to take photos of the winning owner and horse, Smart Samurai, and jockey J. Powell, owned by Oscar Racing Stable,” Saeful reports. “We also had a chance to take photos at the Winner Champagne Room and the horse parade ring with the jockey.”
Andrew won three consecutive races during the evening but Dave and Sam finished on top overall for winnings among the group. Andrew also had the long shot selection of the night, his $5 wager netting him $54.
“At the end of the evening, Dave Ashworth and Sam won the most,” Saeful reports. “They were laughing all the way to the bank. Dave won because he bet on every tip he heard from the boys and every information he got from the trainers. And he bet on all the horses in one race.”
After the races were over, the group was toured around Singapore, ending up at the Hyatt for a late round of refreshments.

BATAM FREE Trade Zone Management Agency (BP FTZ) has allocated 62 hectares of land at Hang Nadim International Airport in Batam, Riau Islands, for the development of an aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul facility.
The BP FTZ’s director of one-stop services and public relations, Dwi Djoko Wiwoho, said an agreement on the allocation of 62 hectares of land worth Rp 186 billion (US$19.2 million) at Hang Nadim airport was signed in Jakarta.
The construction works of the maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) facility owned by PT Indonesia Aero Maintenance (IAM) would start at the beginning of September and last 24 months.
Djoko said $200 million worth in investments were allocated by PT IAM for the development of the MRO facility, which will employ an estimated 4,000 workers. Indonesia Aero Maintenance is a consortium between Ilthabi Rekatama, a company owned by the son of former president BJ Habibie, Ilham Habibie, and PT Arzaq Power Indonesia.
“The MRO facility could accommodate between 22 and 24 aircrafts of various types,” said Djoko.
He said the MOR facility would offer maintenance services for aircrafts operated by domestic carriers who would usually send aircrafts abroad for maintenance.
“Currently, around 70 percent of aircraft owned by national flag carriers undergo maintenance abroad. There is significant potential for MRO businesses in the country,” said Djoko.
The agreement was signed by IAM director Christoper Radhakharisnan and BP FTZ deputy head I Wayan Subawa. Former President BJ Habibie and BP FTZ head Mustofa Wijaya as well as Ilham Habibie were present at the signing ceremony. – The Jakarta Post
62 hectares of land allocated for aircraft maintenance facility at Hang Nadim
A large crowd was on hand for the first anniversary of the opening of the “new” Cock & Bull bar in the Nagoya Entertainment District. Above right, George Papadelias celebrates the successful first year for his bar with a host of his friends.