April 25 2013
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Max Dean’s ‘School of Diving’
FOUR STUDENTS recently completed the PADI Rescue Diver Training Course offered by Max Dean (top right) of Max’s Dive Centre. The course consists of emergency first response (first aid training and CPR, with AED and oxygen supply); practice skills in the swimming pool at Smiling Hill (right) and open water (below, right), including: self rescue, cramp removal, search and recovery, conscious diver removal, unconscious diver removal, rescue breaths in water, and emergency evacuation planning.
The 3-day course includes classroom (bottom), knowledge reviews and a final exam. The four participants (Jofrijon, Ian Kerr, Craig Perham and Gustavo Pulgar) passed with flying colors and are now certified PADI rescue divers.
Max’s Dive Centre can provide all PADI diver training certifications, from open water diver up to dive master.
For information, call: +62 812 36058850; email.

BATAM’S ECONOMY can grow two or three times higher than the cur-rent condition if its potential is seriously empowered and obstacles are addressed. This assessment was conveyed by Director General of State Assets Hadiyanto at the Free Trade Zone Concession Agency and Free Port Batam last week.
Hadiyanto contended that the economic potential of Batam has not been utilized. This leaves Batam lagging, he claimed, compared to free trade zones in neighboring coun-tries. In container loading and unloading services, for example, the capacity of container terminal services at the Port of Batu Ampar is around 200,000 TEU (20-foot equiv-alent units). In Malaysia, Port Klang and Tanjung Pelepas’ capacity reach 8 million TEU and 6 million TEU, respectively. "In Singapore, (the capacity) reaches 38 million TEU," he added.
Hadiyanto urged that the Port of Batu Ampar’s supporting facilities be improved, along with the increasing investment in Batam. "With the free trade zone status, the level of investment in Batam continues to increase. Supporting facilities should continue to improve as well," he said.
April 25, 2013
Batam growth could triple
With needed flexibility, he predicted that BP Batam could compete by offering a better investment climate for investors.
"Batam has a big potency, it has a magnet, but if we do not prioritize and execute it immediately, the result will not be good," he said. 

TWO MONTHS after the BlackBerry Z10 was launched across the world, the price of the new touchscreen smartphone has dropped in local cellphone markets in Batam.
In Lucky Plaza, the biggest cellphone sale center in Batam, the Z10 has been retailing at Rp 5.8 million (US$596.95) per unit, down from Rp 9 million. Such a price drop seems to confirm the widespread rumor that many Z10 owners in the U.S. have returned their new smartphones to the stores due to their disappoint-ment with the device.
Ahai, the owner of Batam Seluler, said that many buyers had sold their Z10s back to his cellphone store. His store did not offer after-sale services to customers, but as many customers had insisted on returning their Z10s, he had accepted the products in the hope other customers would want to buy the used products.
“Yesterday, a customer resold a BlackBerry Z10 that had been bought a week before, saying the smartphone was complicated to use,” said Ahai.
He said the Z10’s price was continuing to decline daily by at least Rp 20,000 per unit and added that such price drops were occurring in almost all of Batam’s cellphone stores.
He said many customers complained that the Z10’s battery was wasteful along with the smartphone’s Black-Berry Internet Service. – The Jakarta Post

AN INVESTOR from China and another from South Korea are stud-ying a proposed Rp 7 trillion ($721 million) project to build a bridge linking the Riau islands of Batam and Bintan. Riau Islands Governor Muhammad Sani said that investors from the two countries had submitted proposals to his administration to invest in the 6.9-kilometer-long bridge. 
“Both investors have come and met us and inspected the location,” Sani said. “We have forwarded the pro-posal to the National Development Planning Agency.” 
The Riau Island government has requested that the central govern-ment provide funding assistance for the bridge’s construction from the state budget. Sani said that the bridge would accelerate economic development in the region. 
Local government bodies, including the Batam Industrial Development Authority, have been asking the central government to build the bridge, and six others in the region, since 1990.  - Investor Daily
Price drops hit BlackBerry in Batam
Investors consider new Batam-Bintan bridge
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Ladies Night at Goodies
Nine women played in Goodies first weekly Ladies 8-Ball Tournament, part of the new Thursday night Ladies Night activities.