April 4 2013
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April 4, 2013
Lion Air to make Hang Nadim home base
CONSTRUCTION of Lion Air’s maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) hangar at Hang Nadim Airport is halfway to completion and will be finished in June. Lion Air will then close its hangar at Juanda Airport, Surabaya, and move its maintenance operations to Hang Nadim in Batam.
The Batam hangar will be the first wholly owned by Lion Air. The shed can accommodate 12 737 ER aircraft.
“We will not hire hangars anymore. All aircraft maintenance will be here and the hangar in Surabaya will not be extended,” Heavy maintenance manager Ronny Roozanno said.
Lion Air president Rusdi Kirana and Free Trade Zone Management Agency (BP FTZ) head Mustofa Widjaya signed an agreement for expansion of 12 more hectares for Lion Air. The company has also leased low-cost apartments from BP FTZ to house employees.
A planned Rp 3 trillion (US$310 million) second hangar, to be completed in 2016, will house an engine shop, jointly developed by General Electric from the U.S. and Pratt & Whitney from Canada, and a com-ponent shop. – The Jakarta Post

STATE-OWNED electricity company PT PLN plans to build a 10-kilometer submarine and 1-km underground power cables to supply surplus power from Batam to neighboring Bintan Island, which remains short of electricity. The investment value of the project amounts to Rp 431 billion (US$48 million) and it is projected to be completed by 2014. 
After the recent signing of the contract for the construction of the undersea and underground power cables with consortium leader Viscas Corp.’s chief of staff, Yoshiro Matsui, and PT Karya Mitra Nugraha’s president director, Permadie Setiakusuma, PLN’s managing director, Nur Pamudji, said that larger power plants would be built after completion of the interconnected power system, which would be located either on Batam or Bintan islands.
The network, which will take 14 months to build, was to be started in March. 
Currently, PLN Batam has a power output of 314 megawatts (MW) with a peak load of only 266 MW, so it has a surplus output of 50 MW.
Power demand in Batam reaches 12.1% annually. PLN Batam’s power surplus has increased along with the operation of the Tanjung Kasam steam-power plant (PLTU), which has an output of 110 MW.
“Power to Bintan will be supplied by a number of plants in Batam that currently have a surplus of power,” said Nur. 
The underground and undersea power cable project comprises the west corridor, which will involve laying a 150-kilovolt underground power cable stretching 1,000 meters, and a submarine power cable spanning 3,450 meters from the Tanjung Kasam PLTU in Batam to Ngenang Island.
The undersea cable will pass through Tanjung Sauh Island, located between Batam and Bintan islands. Thereafter, the east corridor, spanning 6,550 meters from Ngenang Island to Tanjung Taloh on Bintan, will be built, resulting in a total length of undersea cable reaching 10 kilometers. – The Jakarta Post

THE BATAM Free Trade Zone Management Agency (BP FTZ) will hand over the management of three ports to PT Pelindo I by the end of 2013. The ports are Batuampar Shipping Port, Seku-pang Domestic Port, and Telaga-punggur Domestic Port.
The BP FTZ’s Ilham Eka Hartawan said the management takeover of the three ports is intended to make the ports’ users more comfortable.
Batuampar Port is one of three shipping ports owned by the BP FTZ, which are designated to support the status of Batam as a free trade zone.
Meanwhile, Sekupang Port is the main passenger seaport from Batam to several areas across the Riau Islands, such as Karimun regency and its surrounding islands, as well as Jambi Province and several cities in Riau Province.
Telagapunggur Port is the main seaport from Batam to Tanjung Pinang, the capital of the province, and Lingga regency. – The Jakarta Post
PLN to build Batam-Bintan underwater electricity cable
Batam hands over three ports
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