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About Us

NOTE: While most of the information in our FAQ document is current, some data, such as exchange rates, may be outdated. The date of our most recent revision is noted on the FAQ document.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ is an ESSENTIAL travel guide for first-time visitors TO Batam and you can download it here.

THIS document brings together key elements of much of the information provided in more detail throughout this and associated sites, especially

 travelling to Batam,

regarding visa issues, currency exchange, health and security, telephone and Internet services, electricity voltages, prices and costs, weather, clothing require-ments and other typical concerns.

It is in an easily printable PDF format and is periodically updated. To download and view, please click on the button below.

We recommend that prospective first-time visitors to Batam down-load the document and carry it with them on their laptop or as a hard copy.


FAQ Indiv Visit 2013 revise.pdf

Click to open Smiling & Batam FAQ

FAQ Indiv Visit 2013 revise.pdf