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Long­-stay serviced apartments, studio suites, guesthouse rooms, rental houses and associated hospitality services targeting an affluent and growing community of expatriate specialists and professionals.

High returns through strong growth in asset value with positive cash­ flows from current operations.

Established and profitable Western-owned and managed business in a major emerging market and strategic free trade zone location.

Ideal leveraging opportunity for property or hospitality investors with available equity and access to debt funding in a low-interest environment.

Off­shore assets and earnings.


SMILING Hill is inviting debt or equity funding  from individuals or companies seeking  a secure, high return emerging market property investment.



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Expansion Funding

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THE SMILING Hill Group is transforming a dilapidated housing complex into a gated community providing serviced apartments, suites, houses, guesthouse rooms and associated hospitality services targeting the working expatriate community on Batam Island, Indonesia’s fastest growing region.

Batam (population about 1.25 million) is 20 kilometers by fast ferry from Singapore and is a designated Special Economic Zone and Free Trade Zone. It is a major center for light and heavy manufactures and is attracting growing numbers of high income expatriate professionals and specialists.

Smiling Hill is profitable with consistent positive cash flows and has demonstrated the viability of its business model. Annual revenues are running at more than SGD$1.1 million (2013) and growing. The company carries less than 4% debt.

Smiling Hill is seeking to raise SGD$2.25 million (US$1.8 million) of debt equity and debt as expansion funding to be used to convert and upgrade an existing land bank of houses as quality serviced  studios and apartments and to purchase other available properties for renovation and conversion.

New funding will go directly into the build out program, protecting investors by quickly converting new funding into tangible assets and adding value. There will be no cash out by foundation investors resulting from this financing.

Minimal funding is required for infrastructure (capital equipment) as this is already an established, profitable business and overheads are already expensed.

The Smiling Hill project is fully Western owned and controlled with key assets held in an accredited Foreign Investment Company (PMA). This structure is grandfathered - under current corporate laws and regulations a foreign entity wishing to enter the property development field in Indonesia would be required to have Indonesian partners. Smiling Hill is exempt from these provisions.

All necessary licenses are in place for the property development and hospitality operations and have been obtained through proper channels.

This is NOT a blue sky “start-up” but rather is a serious established and profitable business with a proven business model, experienced and culturally aware management, predictable returns and strong growth potential. We have done the hard yards and the reality-based development planning and are ready to go to the next level.

This project would suit any investor with an interest in emerging market property or hospitality sectors. It would particularly suit any investor with experience in the serviced apartment sector looking to enter Indonesia via a wholly Western-owned and established operation with experienced and capable management.



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Case Study re 
above property

Expatriate Accommodation - Serviced Apartments, Guesthouse and Restaurant-bar


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Apartments - Living Room.JPG

Renovated apartment living room

Apartments -Typical Kitchen.JPG

Typical apartment kitchen

Apartments - Outdoor areas to all.JPG

Terraces for outdoor relaxing

C12 at Completion.jpg

HOUSE TRANSFORMED into four comfortable and well appointed apartments. All were fully let to Western expatriates within less than a month after completion. BELOW is the property at the time the Smiling Hill team commenced conversion and renovation.   

C12 Conversion commencement.jpg

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