Jan 24 2013
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January 24, 2013
Bintan and the elephants
Four Smiling Hill residents recently journeyed to the nearby island of Bintan for a weekend getaway and encountered these packaderms. At left, Paul holds on to a tusk as Yvonne readies for a ride; above left, Yvonne tests her nerves; and above, Risma, Cindy and Paul join Yvonne for a break with their new friends.
Liverpool Cafe opens
Mega “Yogi” Perwira, left, opened his Liverpool Cafe in the Harbour Bay Mall on Dec. 29. The soccer-themed restaurant offers a selection of pizzas, burgers, steaks, chicken, Italian and Asian meals, as well as Lobscouse (beef stew) and “Scouser” wings. Espresso and cappuccino are specialities of the house, which also offers a selection of beers for football fans. If Yogi looks familiar, that’s because he is a former, highly regarded sous chef for Goodies Restaurant.
Tel: 0817 0200 977, or 0831 9113 2288
al Frescos Cafe opens
Bob Donnelly is the inspiration behind this new restaurant next to the Batam Fast Ferry/Prima Ferries ticket counters that offers a selection of Western foods - steaks, burgers, shepherd’s pies, sandwiches, seafood, lamb chops and chicken, as well as Asian dishes and breakfast. An expansive outside dining area includes a stage for live entertainment - with Miss Caddie Batam competition starting this Saturday and running four weeks. The restaurant features real cappuccino and will soon be offering draft beer. Bob hails from Australia’s Gold Coast and has been in Batam three years.
Tel: 0778 7415 030
Dog’s Bollocks opens in NED
Fat Willy’s owners expand with second bar and eatery only a doorstep or two from their current business. A large crowd gathered to celebrate the opening of another bar in the Nagoya Entertainment District, or locally known as kampung bule; a large sign and welcoming messages outside Dog’s Bollocks; managers Niken (center) and Alan, with friend Angiue from the iHotel.
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