March 14 2013
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March 14, 2013
Batam woman reportedly hires hit men to kill husband’s lover
THE NORTH Sumatra Police are still pursuing a soldier identified only as M, believed to be involved in the murder of midwife Nurmala Dewi Tinambunan, 31, who was shot and killed in front of her house in February, allegedly on the orders of a 70-year-old woman.
The elderly woman, identified as Idawati Pasaribu, is a freight forwarding entrepreneur in Batam. Police arrested her in Jakarta recently.
North Sumatra Police chief Insp. Gen. Wisjnu Amat Sastro said police had arrested eight suspects in connection with the murder of Nurmala. 
“The soldier is believed to be the provider of the firearm used to kill Nurmala,” Wisjnu said.
Wisjnu said the soldier provided an FN pistol at the request of a suspect, a police officer identified as Chief Brig. Gusnita Bakhtiar. 
He added that Gusnita then request-ed help from his colleague, Second Brig. Aulia Pratama Zulfadhli, to find a gunman who was willing to kill Nurmala. Gusnita and Aulia are police officers based at the West  Sumatra Police headquarters. 
Nurmala was shot in front of her house on Jl. Pertahanan, Patumbak district, Deli Serdang
THERE IS always something interesting going on at Smiling Hill and Goodies Restaurant. Here, a food vendor prepares sup ayam mie (noodles and chicken soup) for a parent who brought her children to swim at the Goodies pool. (KA)
regency on Feb. 7 this year, as she returned home from work. Her relatives rushed her to the hospital after the shooting, but Nurmala, who worked as a midwife at the Teladan community health clinic, died upon arrival at the Estomihi Hospital in Medan.
Before the murder, it is reported that Nurmala had been repeatedly attack-ed, while her family also received death threats. 
Wisjnu said the motive behind the shooting was believed to be a love affair between the victim and Idawati’s husband.
“Prime suspect Idawati was jealous of the victim who was believed to be the mistress of her husband Berton Silaban. Idawati expressed her wish to kill the victim to her friend Rini Dharmawati. Rini then introduced Idawati to Gusnita to find a gun and someone willing to kill the victim,” said Wisjnu, adding the murder was plotted from October last year.
Berton himself has been reported to Batam police as missing since 2011.
Wisjnu said Idawati had given Rp 300 million (US$33,000) in cash to Gusnita to arrange the murder.
Medan City Police intelligence unit chief Comr. Yorris Marzuki said the eight suspects involved in the murder were currently being detained at a police station. He added that police were still questioning the suspects to thoroughly uncover the case. – The Jakarta Post
A RAID conducted by Kenyan authorities that led to the confis-cation of 638 pieces of elephant ivory worth Rp 12 billion (US$1.24 million) at the Mombasa port in Kenya in the middle of January has triggered a suspicion that Batam is an alleged transshipment point for ivory from Africa.
Following up on the finding in Kenya, the Trade Ministry filed a report on the alleged involvement of three importers in Batam on the trade of ivory from Africa to the Riau Islands police office on March 5. The Batam City trade and industry department found, however, that two out of the three importers allegedly involved in the ivory trade were fictitious.
Batam City’s head of trade and industry, Amsakar Ahmad, said the three importers in question are  PT Kundur Prima Karya (KPK), PT Alam Daya Cammo (ADC) and PT Sumber All Co (SAC).
He said PT KPK was allegedly involved in the ivory trade that Kenyan authorities foiled in Mombasa. Meanwhile, PT ADC and PT SAC were allegedly involved in the previous ivory trade foiled in Hong Kong.
The international trade of elephant ivory has been prohibited since 1989 after a sharp decline in the elephant population in Africa. The ivory trade is prohibited, based on the Conven-tion on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). The ivory confiscated at Mombasa port, Kenya, came from Tanzania. – The Jakarta Post
THE BATAM Free Trade Zone Management Agency (BP FTZ) has proposed that BlackBerry open its data center at the agency’s IT center in Batam. The agency’s director for one-stop integrated services (PTSP) and publications, Dwi Djoko Wiwoho, said that the BP FTZ had made offers to several companies, including BlackBerry, to open data centers at its IT center, which has just begun operations.
He said the 2012 regulation on the management of electronic trans-actions and systems was good news for the BP FTZ, which has spent the last two years developing its information technology center. Geographically speaking, Batam is located a long way from tsunami and natural disaster mitigation areas. Therefore, the agency’s IT center could be used as a disaster recovery center for both private companies and governmental institutions storing their data there.
He said broadband Internet capacity in Batam was good. Batam's position as the optic fiber network hub in Indonesia for the Asia-Pacific region was a plus for the BP FTZ.
The process to give the agency’s IT center Singapore Standard 507 certification as a Disaster Recovery Facility Provider is still underway.
The IT center, which has eight rooms and 143 shelves, is located on 1,220 square meters of land. The center is connected to all BP FTZ work units via a 105-kilometer optic fiber network. – The Jakarta Post
Batam is alleged ivory trans-shipment point
Blackberry approached to open data center in Batam
Jaya Pride delivered by Jaya's Batam shipyard
JAYA HOLDINGS has deliver-ed a multi-purpose offshore support vessel, Jaya Pride. “Jaya Pride is one of the most sophisticated vessels produced by Jaya’s Batam shipyard,” said chief executive officer Venkatraman Sheshashayee, “a highly versatile DP2 vessel for offshore platform maintenance, one we have already fixed on a time charter with a key customer.”
The 78-meter vessel, which can accommodate up to 148 passengers and crew, will deliver under the Singapore flag. Jaya Pride features one of the largest lattice boom cranes installed on a self-
propelled vessel, a Liebherr model with 40 tons lifting capacity at 40-meter outreach, or 50 tons at 20 meters.
Jaya expects to deliver a similar, though larger, workboat from its Batam yard in 2014.
Jaya Pride’s main Caterpillar engines deliver more than 5,150 bhp, supported by two bow thrusters and two stern thrusters from Kawasaki. The vessel has Volvo Penta generators and is fitted with both four-point mooring and a Kongsberg dynamic-positioning system.