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“... I FIRST discovered Smiling Hill when it was barely beginning and I have been coming back for visits every year since. I come back because of the pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and the friendly, helpful people, and it has been remarkable to see it all grow and develop and become even better. Smiling Hill and Batam are ideal for anyone wanting an easy, accessible and affordable base to explore more of Indonesia or other countries in the region. Those who try Smiling Hill will like the place and especially the people, who can offer so much with the “who, what, when, where and why” of enjoying  Batam and Indonesia. If you decide to visit, there’s a good chance that we may meet, as I will be back again for sure!” - Neils (Denmark)

“ … THINGS are run very well. All the guys who hang around are good fun and an excellent source of info. Food great, service same  … tours of the island or hot spots, if enough interest … lots of other surprises awaiting the weary lonesome traveller.”  - John, Australia

“ … REALLY GREAT terrace bar with a great view and about the best bar prices in Batam … Food excellent and very reasonably priced … in terms of ‘bang for the buck,’ I reckon it’s the best deal in Batam.” – Malcolm (long-stay resident).

“... THE STAY at the guesthouse was great. I like the staff, the other guests, the food and the atmosphere. You are doing a wonderful job on making guests feel comfortable” – Mark, California.

“... HAVE never had the pleasure of staying at Smiling Hill, as I live elsewhere on Batam. I can nevertheless vouch for the establishment based on numerous visits for a chat, a meal and a few beers. It is well run by  great owners and is truly a home (away) from home.” – Colin, Batam (formerly South Africa)

“... PEOPLE!! - it’s all about the people ... Smiling Hill offers clean, comfortable accomm-odations, a great pool area, as well as first-class restaurant and bar. But the real resource that makes Smiling Hill such a terrific place to visit is its people. Smiling Hill is a family environment. From its management and staff to the long-term guests staying in the apartments and guesthouse - everyone here is a welcome member of the Smiling Hill family. Newcomers are welcomed into the Smiling family from the minute they arrive. Smiling Hill has much to offer but nothing so great as its people” - Ken, USA





































Here’s what some of our guests and residents have to say about Smiling Hill:

What people say about the Smiling Hill experience


“YOU must be doing something right when your guests keep coming back, again ... and again ... and again. Especially when the returning guests also bring their friends back with them...”